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a note on the factors influencing our flower prices



the flowers we bring into the studio are chosen carefully to create the most beautiful arrangements possible. Florist grade flowers are not the same as supermarket flowers. They require special handling and individual care to ensure they last. This means if we mishandle them, they won’t last, and that results in a loss for us. You won’t see the same quality roses, for example, in the supermarket, because there aren’t dedicated florists to care for the stems.


no two bouquets are the same, even when they contain the same number or variety of flowers. Each flower variety requires different care to make sure they bloom to their full potential. Part of what you're paying for is our knowledge and our craft. Although flowers are beautiful as they are, it takes an eye for proportion, colour, and detail to create the final bouquet you see. Each arrangement is handmade with care. This takes time, which directly impacts the price.



each and every single stem that comes into the studio is cared for individually. Each flower’s care is unique and requires specific conditioning to make sure it lasts as long as possible when it comes home with you.

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supermarkets are able to offer such low prices because they bring in extremely elevated quantities of hardy varieties that need little to no care. There’s no craft involved in the process; the way they receive the flowers is how they are displayed, but also because they are able to avail of economies of scale that small, independent studios such as bloom studio will never, nor strives to, have access. We bring in small quantities of unique, special, and often delicate and fussy stems. This results in the unusual, individual arrangements we are able to create.


in peak seasons the demand for specific flowers goes up. This, in turn, pushes the wholesale price up, which is reflected in the prices you see in the flower shop. This isn’t your local florist being opportunistic, it’s the supply and demand of the market fluctuating.


Sometimes social media trends have an impact on the flower prices, too. If everyone is looking for the same flower (think 'cafe au lait' dahlia or 'belle epoque' tulips) they become harder to find, and more expensive.

For example, around Valentine's day, the demand for roses goes up, and so because more people are looking for the same product, the wholesale prices increase. 


no fillers

lastly, we don't use fillers in our arrangements. Fillers would be flowers that help bulk out arrangements to give the appearance of more value for money. We only include flowers and greenery that add to the composition of the arrangement, and never just to fill it out. That means that even the greens and flowers we bring in are special and unique, which impacts the price.


It's often felt that wedding prices are marked up as soon as you say the word 'wedding'. Florists tend to get a reputation for being overpriced when it comes to weddings.

However, the special care and attention to detail is partly what causes the elevated prices of weddings (and event floristry in general).

It's also important to factor in the hours of work that goes into an event. A floral arch, for example, takes hours to create, excluding the factors above.

Florists tend to get judged on the primary material (the flowers), but floristry is equally as much a service as it is a product. In fact, for event floristry, it could be argued that it's entirely a service.


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